Hydro White Massage Emulsion

Hydro White Massage Emulsion


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Uneven skin tone is a typical symptom of tired and dehydrated skin. The Hydro White Emulsion is designed to cater for the daily supplement required for reviving our skin and preventing further damages by securing the hydration level using the advance Dermier Hydro Lock feature. The whitening agent also reduces the visibility of dark and discolored skin abnormality. The emulsion secures hydration and replenish skin with nourishing factors, maintaining a bright and vibrant appearance.

*The product contains 200ml of facial massage cream

Main Ingredients:
Sodium Hyaluronate, Amino Acid , Vitamin C Amylose Ramification

1. Cleanse the relevant area.
2. Ensure that the skin is dry with no excess water.
3. Apply the cream using your finger tips.
4. Gently spread the cream using your palm.
5. Move your palm in gentle circular motion until there is no excess.
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