Collagen Reformation Emulsion

Collagen Reformation Emulsion


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The lost of natural collagen isn’t just a sign that signifies aging problems, it is also a daunting reality that is reflected by a range of visible symptoms. The Collagen Reformation Emulsion targets at aging issues by introducing atomized collagen particles into our dermal to restructure the bonds that once held our skin in place. Together with the new advance Dermier Hydro Lock feature, The Collagen Reformation Emulsion can help revive the glow and elasticity of our skin in no time.

*The product contains 50ml of face cream

Main Ingredients:
D-Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycine Soja Protein (Collagen)
1. Cleanse the relevant area.
2. Ensure that the skin is dry with no excess water.
3. Apply the cream using your finger tips.
4. Gently spread the cream using your palm.
5. Move your palm in gentle circular motion until there is no excess.
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